Signs of September

Happy September everyone! I can’t believe it is finally here! This marks the beginning of my favorite months. From here until Christmas, everything seems to delight and entice, making for tons of fun! Fall has always been my favorite season, so I am excited for it to get started. It is still well in the 90s here, but that won’t stop me from celebrating what I am most excited for!


This mamajama hitting my desk. I’m only halfway through, but man is it great. I am savoring every page of it.


The return of the heat tools. No more carefree summer locks. Now that its fashion month, it’s time to tame the mane and get to serious business.


Cool Denver mornings and evenings, that rapidly turn in to hot hot hot days. Forces me to get creative with my wardrobe.


The steady transition of bright summer colors to cooler colors, and thicker layers. I love the way my fashion rack really emulates the changes in seasons.


Fabulous boots on Shoemint. These bad boys will soon be mine, been saving for a while 🙂


I used these inexpensive boxed dyes to do a reverse ombré on my hair. I love the results, but want to go darker on my whole head now. We will see what happens!

And of course the hallmark way to tell fall is here? Starbucks has their pumpkin spice lattes. I personally am not a fan, but I love what it means! Have a fabulous week friends, and get excited for fall! -T


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